jeudi 24 octobre 2013

Part 1: housing market, value, price and global warming  

The main feature of a housing market in France but in EU too is the difficulty to buy some spaces to be built. It is easily noted lot’s of law texts have been issued regarding the organization and protection of vast areas such as forests, fields, villages and cities. All around Europe, the builders take into account the transport infrastructures (mainly rail and highways) and the access to the public services through official documents by the city hall/ department/region administrations. The main consequence is the limited building capacity which has a strong impact on the value of the real estate.

First of all the value is based on the price of the plot. Beyond this first level some criterias such as environment and aesthetic qualities are added to get a full determination of the value of the good. Rarity is in fact organized by a sum of measures involving different elements taken from the current situation but from a short/mid-term future anticipations too. Plans are drawn by adminstrations in the big cities such as Paris to englobe for example 5000 housing/residencies on the Left Bank meaning 405 000m2 of shops and other services to be built.

All these elements out and inside the building are used to make an estimation of the price and this is this way the target for all good investors : whereas someone may view only wastelands or damaged structures, the serious buyer is keen to envision a vast modern ensemble at the center point of hyperspeed railway infrastructures, accessible shops, alleys and public offering services .

But let’s back on the problematic topic of the dual relation between the value and the price. 

All the elements I mentioned (plots, arounds, organization of the areas, different administrative measures) are fusioned into the building cost elaboration. This cost depends in fact from all these elements and not only raw materials or human factors and that’s why it seems very important to focus the analyses about the main change of the recent time: the global warming.

Global warming implies some notions such as ecology and protection of the environment. And we are aware today health, well-being and mobility are some new conditions to build properly!

Elaborated air filtration systems fixed in the common parts of any housing buildings, controlled quality water installations, noise optimized insulations, improved trash recycling solutions are being to ensure a better quality of life for each people too. Regarding the urban density growth, lifestyle diversification and intensive development of transport, the builders will be forced to encapsulate new parameters such as a closed harmony with nature and health: i mean the relation with the nature is dual and reciprocal. By protecting the environment with pollution limitation norms (gazoline, dioxides, trash of all sorts), we secure the counter-effects of the nature on us: avoiding catastrophies (flood, fires,etc) and epidemics should be considered as the first place! 

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